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Isilumko Activate

who we are

We are a multi-award-winning Integrated Marketing Agency where Connection, Engagement and Experience, along with meaningful Insights, bring your brand to life.

Isilumko, a proud BBBEE Level 1 Black Woman Owned company with a 26-year heritage, was established in 1995 and is one of the most recognised marketing agencies in the country.

Our National presence with wholly owned offices in 5 major cities, allows our team to be hands-on, agile and locally focused to provide solid project management, ongoing optimization and executional excellence.

We are a dynamic, high energy, passionate and experienced team where focus is placed on building and maintaining solid long-standing client partnerships, with a strong emphasis on ROI, Consumer Insights, and driving impactful and creative conceptual solutions. We connect the Brand with the Consumer and ensure successful go-to-market campaign results.

Isilumko-Activate Isilmko logo on a black background.

Isilumko Activate was born from StudentWise. A brand which to many of South Africa’s most successful business leaders is synonymous with extra cash in their pockets – and good times – while they were students. We proudly continue the legacy of providing our future corporate giants with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, learn how to operate in a team, distinguish themselves as leaders and interact with top brands – all while building their bank balances.

Isilumko Activate

what we do

Our cross-category expertise filters across multiple channels and diverse initiatives, focusing on various genres within the Marketing sphere with a 360° integrated holistic approach. From meaningful insights, we design break-through and relevant concepts. Our ability to maintain an excellent understanding of our client’s business, KPIs and campaign objectives enable us to add value and deliver successfully.

Isilumko Activate

our clients

Relevant Insights. Breakthrough Concepts. Delivered Impeccably. Isilumko Activate positions your brand in the right place at the right time. We believe in Strategic Partnerships and working together for the successful implementation and optimisation of each project while providing positive and meaningful contributions to all stakeholders.
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Isilumko Activate

meet the leadership team

Our cross-category expertise filters across multiple channels and diverse initiatives, focusing on various genres within the Marketing sphere with a 360° integrated holistic approach. From meaningful insights, we design break-through and relevant concepts. Our ability to maintain an excellent understanding of our client’s business, KPIs and campaign objectives enable us to add value and deliver successfully.

Nritika Singh

Managing Director

Bianca Brink

General Manager

Mischelle Ntuli

National Operations Manager

Isilumko Activate

frequently asked questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, your one-stop destination for answers to the most common queries about our products and services. At our company, we believe in transparency and providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Whether you’re a new customer seeking information or an existing client looking for clarification, this section is designed to address your inquiries comprehensively. Explore the questions and answers below to gain a deeper understanding of our offerings, processes, and commitment to meeting your needs. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated customer support team, and we’ll be happy to assist you further. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to ensure your experience with us is as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Isilumko Activate is a promotional company founded in 1995 to help South African brands find their voice. With multiple awards and widespread industry recognition, we’ve done just that. Our experienced team of brand promoters knows how to promote your brand, so you get noticed.

We understand it’s a fierce and competitive marketplace; we know you need to get heard. That’s what we specialize in – bespoke brand promotions with passion, impact, and results. We’re dedicated to surpassing our clients’ expectations every single time.

We operate in five major cities throughout South Africa, creating creative conceptual solutions and delivering incredible results – we’re all about ROI. If you’re looking for a promotional company that understands your brand, we’re here for you.

Promotional companies focus exclusively on raising your brand’s profile. Unlike other marketing agencies that may focus on advertising, promotional companies understand the only way to tempt your customer is with an event to remember. It could be a brand activation, an in-store launch, or an experiential marketing event designed to get your customers talking.

It’s easy to get confused. Promotional companies are a part of marketing. They’re one of the 4Ps – product, price, place, and promotion. They understand that you can get everything else right, but unless your customers know about your product, it doesn’t matter.

With the South African consumer market more competitive than ever, you need a results-driven service to promote your brand. You need to create a memorable brand image – and there’s no better way than with a promotional event that WOWs.

Promotions companies work throughout South Africa developing promotional events.

These can include:

  • Organising brand activations
  • Researching customer views through field marketing
  • Running experiential marketing events
  • Inventing trade show solutions
  • Design, print, and production of promotional material
  • Developing media strategies
  • Managing events, expos, roadshows, and conferences

Promotional companies operate in supermarkets, conference halls, corporate meetings, or on the street. They’ve got the expertise to understand your product/service, study the industry, and develop a promotional campaign to boost your business. The result is more awareness, more customers, and more sales.

Why do brands advertise? Why do they do marketing at all? Because it’s not sufficient to merely have a fantastic product. You need to tell your customers about it. All the best companies understand this – even Coca Cola continues to do promotions, despite dominating the soft drinks market. No brand can rely on prior success.

When a brand launches a new product, they’ve spent months (even years) perfecting their design or recipe. The same is true of their services. So much thought has gone into every aspect; after all, no product idea begins ready for the shop shelf.

No customer understands this. That’s the job of a promotional company – to explain why a customer should buy the product/service. It does this through in-person events.

They’re bespoke, personal, intimate. They’re a chance for a trained promotions team to generate a buzz – that will carry through into the online world.

Neither do brands have the time or expertise to create such a comprehensive promotional strategy. Often, they need to meet tight deadlines. That’s why even the best companies turn to a promotions company like Isilumko Activate. We have the resources and experience to run successful marketing campaigns, transforming your brand image.

Promotional marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. It can range from small-scale field marketing to large corporate events launching a new product. It doesn’t even need to be in-person. Promotional marketing for a digital service, for instance, may require a digital marketing strategy – a temporary free subscription, perhaps.
There are broadly seven major types of promotions:

  • Advertising. Everyone is familiar with traditional adverts on the radio, TV, or in print. Contemporary advertising has morphed, however. Social media, for example, is all about going viral and generating hype. And nothing does that better than in-person events.
  • Direct selling. Cut out the middleman with direct selling. Once done via mail or phone, newer techniques rely on group-based sales meetings or email marketing campaigns to promote a product or brand launch.
  • Sales promotion. It involves the use of media and non-media communications to create a buzz during a specific period. It could be for a product launch or to boost sales. Examples include content or raffles, seasonal price discounts, or discounted subscription fees.
  • Public relations. You don’t need to abandon traditional promotional methods. Through trade shows or guest writing in a newspaper, you can promote your authority in the industry – and, by extension, generate interest in your product/service. Plus, it doesn’t feel like a hard sell to customers.
  • Product placement. Do you ever notice a product in a TV show or movie? That’s product placement. It’s like advertising, just a little more passive. It aims to create a discreet appearance of a product to increase sales. Think of James Bond’s cars and watches or a food product in your favourite sitcom.
  • Endorsement and sponsorship. Nothing brings attention faster than celebrities. Using an established brand (be it a company or celebrity), you can boost your profile, create high-interest events, and raise brand awareness. It can be as simple as a written endorsement or a team-up with another brand.
  • Guerrilla marketing. As the name suggests, this isn’t your typical mainstream promotional campaign. Instead, it relies on contacting the public directly. How? By building a grassroots momentum for your product. In the age of social media, guerrilla marketing campaigns can use outdoor events and sales promotions to get customers talking about your product. The ultimate aim is a viral moment.

A brand ambassador is a highly influential individual who is chosen by a company to represent and promote their brand. These individuals are typically experts or well-known figures in their respective fields, possessing a strong personal brand and a large following on social media platforms. Brand ambassadors act as the face of the company, endorsing its products or services through various marketing channels such as social media posts, public appearances, and collaborations. They play a crucial role in building brand awareness, credibility, and customer loyalty by leveraging their own reputation and connecting with their audience on a personal level. Through their authentic and engaging content, brand ambassadors effectively communicate the values and benefits of the brand to consumers, ultimately driving sales and fostering positive brand associations.

Brand ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting and representing a brand to the public. These individuals are carefully selected based on their alignment with the brand’s values, image, and target audience. Brand ambassadors act as the face of the brand, engaging with consumers through various channels such as social media, events, and advertising campaigns. They create a strong connection between the brand and its customers by sharing their own experiences and testimonials, effectively building trust and loyalty. Additionally, brand ambassadors provide valuable feedback to the brand regarding consumer preferences and market trends, helping to shape future strategies. Overall, their main objective is to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and foster a positive brand image in the minds of consumers.

Brand ambassadors can greatly benefit a company in several ways. Firstly, they serve as influential figures who promote and endorse the brand, thus increasing brand visibility and awareness among their followers and fans. This leads to a wider reach and exposure for the company’s products or services. Secondly, brand ambassadors often have a loyal and engaged fan base, which means that their endorsement carries significant weight and credibility. This can result in increased trust and positive perception of the brand among consumers. Additionally, brand ambassadors can provide valuable feedback and insights from their interactions with customers, helping the company improve its offerings and customer experience.

To be a successful brand ambassador, several qualities and skills are essential. Firstly, excellent communication skills are crucial, as brand ambassadors serve as the face and voice of the brand. They must be able to articulate the brand’s message clearly and persuasively to different audiences. Additionally, strong interpersonal skills are vital for building relationships with potential customers and stakeholders. A successful brand ambassador should also possess a deep understanding of the brand’s values, products, and target audience, enabling them to effectively represent the brand’s identity and connect with consumers on a personal level. Furthermore, creativity and adaptability are valuable traits that allow brand ambassadors to come up with innovative strategies and adjust their approach based on changing market dynamics.

Absolutely! Brand ambassadors come in various forms, each serving a unique purpose for the brand they represent. The most common types include celebrity brand ambassadors, who leverage their fame and influence to promote products or services; social media influencers, who have built a strong online presence and engage with a large audience; industry experts, who are respected authorities in their field and lend credibility to the brand; and community ambassadors, who actively participate in local events and initiatives to connect with consumers on a more personal level. These different types of brand ambassadors allow companies to reach diverse target audiences and effectively communicate their brand message.

Absolutely! In today’s digital age, anyone has the potential to become a brand ambassador. With the rise of social media platforms and influencer marketing, brands are constantly seeking individuals who align with their values and can effectively promote their products or services. While having a large following certainly helps, it is not the sole determining factor. Brands also look for authenticity, engagement, and a genuine connection with their target audience. Therefore, anyone who possesses these qualities and is willing to put in the effort to build their personal brand can indeed become a successful brand ambassador.

Brand ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting and representing a brand. Their responsibilities typically include engaging with consumers, attending events, and creating content to generate brand awareness. Additionally, they may collaborate with marketing teams to develop strategies, participate in product launches, and provide feedback on consumer preferences. Brand ambassadors act as the face of the brand, embodying its values and messaging while building relationships with customers. They are often tasked with fostering positive brand perception through their interactions both online and offline. By leveraging their influence and credibility, brand ambassadors help drive customer loyalty and increase brand visibility in the market.

Companies can effectively manage their brand ambassadors by implementing a comprehensive strategy that includes clear communication channels, regular training sessions, and performance evaluation metrics. Firstly, establishing open lines of communication allows companies to provide timely updates and guidelines to their brand ambassadors, ensuring they are aligned with the company’s values and messaging. Secondly, conducting regular training sessions equips brand ambassadors with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively represent the brand. This can include product knowledge, sales techniques, and social media etiquette. Lastly, implementing performance evaluation metrics allows companies to assess the impact of their brand ambassadors’ efforts, identify areas for improvement, and recognize top performers. By combining these elements, companies can maintain a strong relationship with their brand ambassadors while maximizing their impact in promoting the brand.

Becoming a brand ambassador is an exciting opportunity that allows individuals to represent and promote a specific brand. To embark on this journey, one must first establish a strong online presence by creating engaging content across various social media platforms. It is crucial to showcase your passion for the brand’s values and products through authentic and relatable posts. Additionally, actively engaging with the brand’s community and participating in relevant events or collaborations can help increase visibility and attract the attention of potential brand partnerships. Lastly, reaching out directly to brands or utilizing influencer marketing platforms can provide opportunities to connect with brands seeking ambassadors. Remember, consistency, authenticity, and a genuine love for the brand are key factors in becoming a successful brand ambassador.

Brand ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting products by utilizing their influential presence across various platforms. They employ a combination of strategic marketing techniques, including social media campaigns, product endorsements, and personal appearances at events. Through engaging content creation and storytelling, brand ambassadors effectively communicate the unique features and benefits of the products they represent to their dedicated followers. By building strong relationships with their audience, they establish trust and credibility, making their recommendations highly persuasive. Additionally, brand ambassadors often collaborate with brands on exclusive collaborations and limited-edition releases, further enhancing the desirability and exclusivity of the promoted products. Overall, brand ambassadors serve as powerful advocates who drive awareness, generate buzz, and ultimately boost sales for the brands they represent.

To find brand ambassador opportunities, start by researching brands that align with your interests and values. Look for companies that have a strong online presence and engage actively with their audience on social media platforms. Reach out to these brands through email or direct messages, expressing your interest in becoming a brand ambassador. Additionally, join online communities and forums related to your niche, as brands often post ambassadorship opportunities there. Networking with industry professionals and attending relevant events can also increase your chances of finding brand ambassador opportunities. Remember to showcase your passion for the brand and highlight any relevant experience or skills that make you a valuable asset as an ambassador.

Creating engaging content as a brand ambassador is a crucial aspect of effectively promoting a brand. To achieve this, it is important to start by thoroughly understanding the target audience and their preferences. Conducting market research and analyzing consumer behavior can provide valuable insights for crafting content that resonates with the audience. Utilizing various multimedia formats such as videos, infographics, and interactive posts can help capture attention and maintain interest. Additionally, incorporating storytelling techniques can create an emotional connection with the audience, making the content more relatable and memorable. Collaborating with influencers or experts in relevant fields can also add credibility and attract a wider audience. Finally, actively engaging with followers through comments, likes, and shares fosters a sense of community and encourages further interaction with the brand.

Social media influencers can become brand ambassadors through a multi-step process that involves building a strong online presence, establishing credibility within their niche, and cultivating relationships with relevant brands. Firstly, influencers need to consistently create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience and showcases their expertise. This helps them gain a substantial following and attract the attention of brands looking for ambassadors. Secondly, influencers should actively engage with their followers by responding to comments, hosting live sessions, and collaborating with other influencers in their field. This fosters trust and authenticity, making them more appealing to brands seeking ambassadors. Finally, influencers can proactively reach out to brands they admire or have an affinity for, expressing their interest in becoming an ambassador.

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