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Events, Expos, Roadshows & Conferences


From intimate live events, to multi-national virtual conferences, Isilumko’s team of experts will connect these events to the consumer, with a creative flair and operational excellence to ensure people are brought together to effectively enhance the brand.


Planning on launching a new product?

Want to meet customers and acquire leads?

That’s where event marketing comes in.

In fact, 95% of marketers consider event marketing the single most important way to hit business goals. No longer can you rely solely on digital marketing. Events offer the personal touch—a chance to engage with your buyers. Even 48% of millennials attend brand events, later sharing the experience on social media.

Events can come in all shapes and sizes. Common types of events include:

  • Seminars help educate visitors; they’re an intimate setting useful for mining critical insights into a product. There are even webinars now that can attract much bigger audiences for a short 30-to-60-minute discussion and presentation. It’s a chance for the customer to ask questions.
  • Product launches are a major date in any company’s diary. You’ll want to convey your brand’s message, meet customers, and attract as much attention as possible.
  • Thought-leadership events are all about networking. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it’s a chance to meet the big names in your industry, make connections, and sign new deals. They can be either customer- or prospect-focused.

Events, Expos, Roadshows, and Conferences

Whichever event type you choose to host, you’ll need to wow customers in a relaxed or formal setting appropriate to the occasion. You’ll need helpers on the day to liaise with customers, explaining the product. And you’ll need to book caterers, venues, and more.

We have extensive experience planning and running complex events for companies across various industries. We know there’s no better marketing tool to build brand awareness and generate new leads.

That’s why we run our events with a creative flair and operational excellence unrivalled in marketing. We make your event a landmark occasion in the industry’s calendar. It’s time to get noticed.


All About Exhibitions

No date is more important than a trade fair or exhibition (known as an expo). Everyone, from business execs to investors, attends looking to find the next big deal.

It could be you.

Hundreds, even thousands, of visitors flood through an expo’s doors. Amongst the high-profile attendees, including the media, CEOs, and investors is an audience waiting to hear your message. Hosting a company booth is a fantastic way to reach potential buyers and suppliers. It’s networking and selling rolled into one.

Understanding the audience, preparing an eye-catching and engaging booth, and even participating in a presentation can showcase your products or services to visitors. WOW and impress as you explain your key features and overall USP.

But as a business owner, you don’t want to be stuck in your stall all day. Nor do you want to run the whole show yourself.

With a helpful team of assistants, you can make the most of meeting customers and networking with the “big fish”; safe in the knowledge your company’s marketing strategy was devised by the best.

We’ll develop an event plan to broadcast your brand. If you want to nail this crucial opportunity, get in contact with Isilumko Activate.


Take the show on the road and reach your audience wherever you choose. Roadshows are a series of marketing events, which travel through a country (or the world), targeting a large audience. Roadshows can last weeks or even months. But, to be successful, they need rapid relocation capabilities. All the equipment, staff, and branding need to be ready to move – to the next city centre, customer office, or other location out on the road.

Few companies ever even consider roadshows.

Few companies ever even consider roadshows.

It’s not hard to see why. Roadshows are costly; they’re difficult to organise, and their benefits are often hard to measure.

Think about it like this – roadshows are just events on steroids. Day after day, week after week, they’re continuously churning out your message. Customers are being educated and engaged. New prospects and partners are being discovered. Meanwhile, you’re taking photos and filming the daily events, creating new promotional materials and viral moments.

It’s an ingenious all-around marketing solution.

Best of all, roadshows feel fluid and adaptable. Rather than stilted conversations over 2-minutes, sales reps can spend time naturally leading customers towards the product or service. There’s no hard sell. Everything just flows seamlessly from the setup.

They’re also a fantastic opportunity to drum up business in the slower months. You can even team up with other customers to reduce the overall cost of the roadshow while sharing out the benefits.

There are few marketing solutions better able to broadcast your brand in the real world. After all, roadshows are professional and fun. It’s a chance for reps to hone their skills, joke with customers, and leave a fantastic impression. And, if today doesn’t go so well, there’s always tomorrow.

You can even time your roadshow to coincide with product launches, exhibitions, or conferences. Or head over to specific locations to give an advanced presentation or workshop to hand-picked potential customers.

There are no rules, no rigidity. The roadshow can be almost anything you want it to be.

stop, stare, and share

We guarantee customers will stop, stare, and share. We organise the roadshow to maximise your brand’s voice. We grab your customer’s attention and share your brand message with an engaging experiential show from the banners to the presentation.

With key consumer insights and creative solutions, a roadshow from us is like no other. Done right, we’ll have guests clamouring to come back next year. They’ll be hooked.

So, do you want a vibrant, interactive, inspirational, and unforgettable roadshow to launch your new product, generate more interest, and get your brand noticed?

It’s time to take your brand on tour.


Meet partners, listen to thought leaders, and market your brand – that’s the promise of a conference. Conferences are large-scale events drawing together people across an industry or profession. From just a few dozen attendees to halls of thousands, conferences are one of the biggest opportunities to market your product or service.

Trade and business conferences often include workshops and presentations. The latter, in particular, is a fantastic opportunity to get yourself noticed. An awesome speech or insightful presentation with industry leaders in attendance may attract potential new clients or partners.

It’s a chance to WOW! To explain your brand, your ideas, and your future potential. It’s also an opportunity to learn. Other industry experts may point to mistakes they made or advise you on your current progress.

Little wonder 40% of businesses believe conferences are the most impactful event to reach their business objectives. They’re a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. It’s also a chance to have a good time and break stale routines.

But to harness the benefits of a conference requires more than just turning up.

For everything from your conference strategy to your stall, you need marketing experts to help provide meaningful insights. We execute your conference vision from the shoestring show to the bold brand breakthrough using our key connections.

Running a conference is an even trickier prospect. You’ll need to assign a date, a timeframe, invite guests, define the format, hit the budget, market on social media, send email and newsletter updates, and much more.

It’s a nerve-racking process.

We can help you devise a marketing strategy that works. We’ll put our expertise to work from the best way to reach attendees to expected audience size. We’re intimately familiar with the regional requirements and intricacies with offices spread across South Africa.

Nor do we forget the purpose. Your brand is woven through every decision we make. How does this appear to the customer? What’s the financial benefit of this workshop? We question it all, always remembering you’re a business that wants to be heard.

So, if you need creative design, customer insights, a strong emphasis on ROI, and more, you’ve come to the right place. Using our collective experience, Isilumko Activate is ready to establish your brand. Whether you’re attending or running a conference, we’ll prepare everything you need to succeed. With brand image and message ever more important, there’s never been a better time to consult a marketing agency.

We’ll craft an active and engaging event your customers and clients will never forget. We’ll harness your social media to spread the word.

What’s more, we’ll get you noticed. With over half of people afraid of missing the latest conference or event, we’ll get them hooked. It’s all part of our remarkable services. Get in touch for further details.