Marketing and promotion agencies are not only for multi-national corporates and elitist events. Many start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses find that hiring a marketing agency to increase brand awareness is more than worth the money.

A promotions professional will help to ensure that you get your brand, company, and products in front of as many of your target audience as possible. And will make sure that once you have their attention you have all the promotional tools and marketing know-how to start converting them into paying customers!

Hiring a marketing agency is an affordable and accessible option for a lot of businesses and certainly not the realm of the larger corporations only. Take a look below to discover how hiring a promotions and marketing agency can help to elevate your business, increase profits and establish your brand name with your target demographic.

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What Does a Promotions and Marketing Agency Do?

A marketing agency will help you with the marketing and promotions of your company, services, and products. They will be experts in all aspects of successfully marketing and promoting products – from coming up with target demographics, long-term marketing plans, and market placement; to short-term services such as event promotion and marketing consulting on your website.

If you are struggling with any part of the promotion of your company, or marketing of your products to your target customers – a marketing agency will be able to assist you with the planning stage, design and research, and execution of carefully considered promotions and action plans.

What Type of Business Can Benefit From Hiring a Promotions and Marketing Agency?

Whether you are a start-up looking to get your company name out there, a small business looking to grow your market share, or an established business that needs to reassert its brand amid growing competition – hiring a marketing agency is going to be a key component of your success.

Each company is unique and a marketing and promotions agency will assess your individual company needs to come up with a plan and budget which works towards your business objectives while reflecting your financial status.

Investing in the expertise of a promotions expert will not be time or money wasted; there is a reason that huge corporations such as Pepsi spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on professional marketing – it works!

How Much Does Hiring a Marketing Agency Cost in South Africa?

Pricing structures vary when it comes to promotions and marketing agencies, but you can be certain that there is an agency out there that will be able to work within your budget.

A promotions and marketing quote will depend upon many factors, such as the amount of work and the time period of the project. If you have a project in mind, why not get in touch with Isilumko Activate Today to discuss your budget and ideas?

How Long Will I Need to Work with a Marketing Agency on Promotions and Advertising?

The length of time that the promotions and marketing agency will be working with you can vary greatly. You may find that you only need help with a two or three-month project. Other companies find that engaging a marketing agency long term more than pays for itself in increased brand exposure and increased profits.

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What are The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency for your Advertising and Promotions?

Many people believe that they don’t need a marketing agency nowadays – social media is free and if they need some extra information they can just read some blogs. But successfully marketing your company and brand is a very exact science. And if you want to see concrete growth you need to properly invest in your marketing strategy.

Creating your own in-house marketing team takes time, resources, and finances away from other areas of your business and could become a very costly drain on your overall profit margin. Because of this many companies find it much more cost and time effective to build up a relationship with a marketing agency with experience and expertise.

A Marketing Agency Will Know Exactly How To Approach Promotion for Your Company and Target Market.

By engaging experts in the field, you will be able to access the very best and more up-to-date knowledge about consumer buying patterns, market placements, effective branding, and appropriate price points.

Based upon many years of research, development, and experimentation, marketing professionals will have a clear idea of how to approach promotions so that no time or money is wasted.

A Promotions Expert Will Help You To See the Big Picture

The experts at a marketing agency will help you to build up a cohesive and focused marketing plan which will encompass all of your advertising and promotions activity. This will contribute to a steady, objective-focused approach to your marketing which is targeted directly to your customers and will help you to achieve your business goals faster.

A Marketing and Promotions Expert Will Stay Up To Date with the Latest Developments

Thanks to the fast-paced world of commerce technology and social media, marketing plans are constantly needing to adjust to fit the needs of customers and new emerging markets. The promotions which worked five years ago may yield much less of a return today.

A Marketing Agency makes it their business to stay on top of the trends and will know exactly what social media you should be using, how to effectively access your target customer base online, and what approaches they are most likely to respond to.

Marketing Agencies Will Come Up With a Bespoke Promotions Plan for your Company

Each business is just as individual as the people who run it. For this reason, planning your marketing and promotions based upon one-size-fits-all advice on the internet and in books isn’t always the most effective way to go about things.

A promotions expert will analyze your company, customers, products, and the current market to come up with an individualized plan which has more chance of success.

You Will Save Valuable Time Which Can Be Invested in the Growth of Your Business

Successful marketing can be a very time-consuming task involving a lot of planning and research before execution. For many business owners, the whole process can quickly become an overwhelming drain on both their energy and running costs.

Hiring a marketing agency to make sure that you successfully market your business to the right customers while using the right approach can buy back a huge amount of your professional time which you can devote to growing other areas of your company.

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Do You Want To Learn More About How a Promotions and Marketing Expert Can Help You?

Get in touch with one of our experts at Isilumko Activate today to learn about our affordable pricing, highly effective promotions and marketing services, and our industry-leading expertise.

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